Pizza Union [restaurant reviews]

Discovered by accident, it was a great surprise. The wood is not proper wood oven – rather gas – but the pizza is good and is very cheap.

Margherita is priced at 3.95 british pounds and Quattro formaggi 5.50 british pounds.

Pizza East, Shoreditch [restaurant review]

I cannot but admit that both the pizza and the fritto misto are good. Italian-level good.

What can I say. On investigating, it appears to be part of a major concern that spreads from private clubs for the super rich to beauty products, and 2 burger places that I need to visit ASAP (both of them).

Margherita comes at 8 british pounds, the mushrooms (+ egg and some more stuff) extends to british pounds 11.

Not the cheapest pizza in town but probably one of the best 3 I know of.


“Stepping out to Angelucci’s, for my coffee beans…”



Ruinenlust (*) at the Tate Britain

(*) The title of the exhibition is in English, but there is no doubt that the German original sounds better.

An exhibition for all those who are attracted or interested in dystopian literature, ruins, dereliction, pictures of abandoned towns and buildings, the type of landscape found in Chernobyl and its surroundings, etc.

BEWARE: You could be disappointed if you misunderstood the aim of the curators. This being the Tate Britain, the focus is on art and artists.
Although one can see some interesting and outstanding examples (**) of “ruins”, don’t expect a rich collection: a lot of obvious specimen are missing, probably because they don’t have an artistic value – at least not in the eye of the curators.
For example: not a single shot of Chernobyl – what could be more “ruin” than the worst nuclear disaster on Earth?

(**) The painting of the ruins of the Bank Of England, commissioned by the same architect who built it, is probably the single most remarkable item in the exhibition, followed by the curious movie sequences (or “installation”) “1984 and beyond” by Gerard Byrne where a bunch of Dutch actors play an imaginary bunch of famous sci-fi writers talking about the future (text from interviews to these writers appeared on Playboy in the 60’s).

Website and video:

Reading “Single Page Web Applications: JavaScript end-to-end” and solutions

Chapter 1, 1.2 Build your first SPA

Problem: The slider doesn’t work

I found out that the slider_height slightly changed from first execution to other executions. I don’t understand why.
When I first load the page the chatSlider height is 17 and not 16 as it should be.
Logging slider_height to console, I could see what follows:


To get this on console I added the following line:


Despite being set at the beginning to 16, it’s always 17.
So in order to get the slider working, I had to make a small change to the code of the toggleSlider function:


I decided to use an interval instead of a fixed value so that if the height fluctuated, it would still work.

This is just a work around, if someone could explain me why the slider_height is 17 instead of 16, I’d be very grateful.

The full code of the example:

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