• A new adventure

    And so a new adventure starts. This new contract will require the longest commute ever but probably also the nicest, empty trains, sitting playing with my laptop. How long will it be before I will get fedup? And what about the job? Will I like it? Will I be able to do it? Will I like the people? Will they like me? So many questions. Let’s get them in checklist format and come back here in a week or two to see how it’s going. - how long before you get fed up with the commute? - will you like the job? - are you able to do the job? - will you like the people? - will the people like you?

  • Welcome to my blog!

    I am now officially experimenting with Jekyll - a Ruby blog thing using markdown files.

  • Welcome to Jekyll!

    You’ll find this post in your _posts directory. Go ahead and edit it and re-build the site to see your changes. You can rebuild the site in many different ways, but the most common way is to run jekyll serve, which launches a web server and auto-regenerates your site when a file is updated.

This is not production