You’ve added a post to your Jekyll blog and you do a jekyll build and yet the post does not appear.

Once you have ruled out all the more obvious things [1] and there are no more obvious errors, there are still several things to check.

The first is the timestamp of your post: is it in the future? Mine was - accidentally. I had set the blog timezone to UTC

timezone: Etc/UTC

but right now I am actually in BST

user@machine ~ $ date
Thu May 12 07:03:07 BST 2016

So in UTC (lucky them!) it’s still 06:03 and my 06:56 post is… in the future.


1) change the timestamp

2) tell Jekyll to post future dates, adding to your _config.yml the following line:

future: true


  • is the file in the correct directory _posts?
  • is the filename correct YYYY-MM-DD-something-something.markdown?
  • does the file contain the jekyll blob at the top?

      layout: post
      title:  "Jekyll ignores post"
      date:   2016-05-12 06:56:00 +0000
      categories: blog jekyll