I was invited (not sure why) to a Google Cloud Platform event which included a Kubernetes bootcamp. I skipped the morning blah blah (attending a job interview instead), and I got to the remote venue in time for some relatively good food, considering the setting.

The bootcamp wasn’t that bad, some blah blah at the beginning and a couple of hipsters from Shoreditch pitching their consultancy and then some action following a Google doc, using live Google Cloud.

Better than nothing:

  • issued my fair share of kubectl commands.

  • went crazy with Redis until I got the difference between a service and a pod.

Other than that:

  • saw some hyperspacial space in this remote place, they have down there such an incredible amount of indoor room it almost reminded me of Vegas. You could probably fit my flat 4 times.


And I think they have a helipad outside the main entrance.

What can I say… Thank you Google!