March 2019: I am reading No Place Like Home, Thank God. I (don’t) remember discovering about Steven Primrose-Smith (a long time ago). I remember exchanging messages with him. At the time I was studying some Open University courses, and I was also dreaming of riding a bicycle from London to my home in Italy (ideally never to come back). The bicycle part was inspired by my love for bicycles and by the fact that my two best friends were actually traveling in remote parts of Spain by bicycle. The route was inspired by my desperate need to leave London and to do some exercise. Fast forward many years, and I have finished the Open University course (going only as far as a Diploma in Computing), I never cycled anywhere other than few minutes away and I did leave London (thank God!). When I came across this book few days, it all hit me as a slap in the face so I bought the book and I started reading it. Being mediocre (or worse) at everything with a strong tendency to failure is not as simple as it may sound, it takes some great skills.

July 2016: The peripheral Feeding the monkey… my addiction to Mr. Gibson’s books is not getting any better.

Oct to Nov 2016: Dune Those long trips on the Overground to Croydon. Thanks for keeping me sane?

Nov 2016 to Dec 2016: The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement - 30th Anniversary Edition Awesome! At the roots of DevOps and Agile.

Jan 2017: The Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates Language Interesting but sometimes examples are too long (like very long list of words).